Friday, April 27, 2012

Huawei U8160 - Firmware List

Huawei U8160 AKA Vodafone 858 Smart


(If you happen to have a firmware not listed here please let me know and have a copy so I can post it here for all :)


  1. Thanks.
    Please can you offer a firmware that supports Arabic.

  2. I have tried the GB, UK and Irish custom roms now but they appear to be more modern than the original stock rom I had on my phone.

    After using a few custom roms I was annoyed at battery usage and dodgy camera so flashed using these ones. Unfortunately the kernal now limits overclocking to 600mhz and I decided to custom rom flash again, but I'm unable to.

    I believe I've followed the original method to root, install rom manager and clockwrok recovery, but there is no "reboot" option on power button long press, and rebooting manually into recovery does not give a "install zip from sdcard" option, as I am presented with a black backgrounded screen with large blue font options much different from what I remember.

    Have i done something wrong, or are these more modern roms that have the exploit to custom rom flash closed up?

  3. i can't download this files. need help!

  4. hungary firmware link please update

  5. Do u have rom for vodafone india?


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